Jan 10, 2001
Found out Donna was pregnant, despite using the pill. Quite a shocker for both of us. While a shock, it's something we were definately going to do eventually anyway, and similar for getting married. This just moves up the time table significantly.
Jan 19, 2001
Went to group class, orientation at FLW to find out about medical coverage, ob staff, etc. Initial estimate is she's at 10 weeks, putting due date at August 18th.
Jan 23, 2001
Had her first real OB physical at Ft. Wood Hospital Obstetrics. Here's a scan of the ultrasound. ("Congratulations, it's a blob!") Current estimate is that she's at like 7.5 weeks, placing due date at September 5, 2001.

Jan 29, 2001
Decided on a wedding date. Lots of planning still to do but wedding will be Fri, Feb. 23. Will have dinner with close family the night before, and a small civil ceremony friday at 4:00pm at Phelps County Courthouse. The current plan is to do a buffet reception at Zeno's after the wedding for all the guests. Jeannie is going to make a cake (Thanks Jeannie!). We got Donna's ring last week some time, but it had to be sized. We're picking it up tomorrow.
Feb 19, 2001
Nathans parents came down from Conneticut, wedding preparations are under way for the Feb 23.  Had family dinner at Kyoto with both sides of the family, went very well. Janell came in close to 1 am the following morning.
Feb 23, 2001
Wedding day is here. Went to the court house and picked up the marriage license. The ceremony was preformed by Judge Haslag. Over in under 30 minutes.
April 6, 2001
First OB appointment with the new doctor. Dr. Riojos was very nice and friendly. I immediatly liked him, but unfortunately he is leaving begining of July for a new postion in KC. We have decided to resume care at the same location, and go with the new doctor thats coming in.
April 20,2001
First movement was felt at about 3:30ish. Very excited to finally feel the baby inside of me.  Felt like a bubble popping inside of me.
Apr 25, 2001
Had our ultrasound appointment at PCRMC/Mercy Medical. Baby was a active little booger. Didn't want to find out the sex, but we couldn't have found out anyways. The tech had a hard time trying to find the heartbeat (140 bpm). Its getting really exciting, over half way there!



June 7, 2001
           The last appointment with Dr. Riojias was today.
July 1, 2001
           Nathan's mom threw a baby shower for the baby and us. Received alot of really nice gifts at
           the shower, and meet some really nice people.  Thank you for all the nice gifts.
July 10, 2001
            Decided to start looking for a house.
July 12, 2001
            Meet Dr. Cunningham for the first time, seems really nice. Heartbeat was nice and strong.
July 14. 2001
           Found a house at 515 Keeton in Rolla. Signed the disclosure and will be at the bank Monday
July 17, 2001
            We both went to the child birth class today.  Some useful information but really geared down to
            the  general public.
July 26, 2001
            Went to a rountine appointment. Everything went fine.
August 6, 2001
            Closed on house, moving in tomorrow.
August 14, 2001
            Doctor appoinment today, went as usual. Also went to breast-feeding class in the pm. Meet
            some nice people. Felt first real irregular contrations,  went away when we went to bed though.
August 20, 2001
            Attended a Child Safety and Infant/Child CPR class.
August 21, 2001
            Finally lost my "mucus plug"-- YEAH!
August 23, 2001
            Week 39. Went to Dr. Cunningham, checked my cervix. Was 1 cm dialted. Also lost a pound.

August 31, 2001

It's a girl!

Emily Anne Neulinger, 1:07 AM on 08/31/2001. 8lbs 2oz, 21.5" long, 13.5"
head, 13.5" chest. Lots of thick brown hair (explains all the heartburn
if you go by that).

Lots of pictures at: http://www.neulinger.org/album/emily/

The complete story for anyone who didn't get it: Went in for regular
checkup on tuesday afternoon, Donna's blood pressure was very high and
had protein in urine, signs of preeclampsia (pregnany induced
hypertension). Dr. Cunningham didn't like that, so sent us over to OB to
be admitted and monitored for induction. Blood pressure calmed down that
evening, so she decided to not induce that night, but scheduled
induction for Thursday morning at 7:30, we should get there at 6:00.

Thursday morning we get there at 6:00 or so, but unfortunately, they had
a mad rush of women in labor, so wound up pushing off induction till
11:20 when they started potosin drip. Bag of waters was broken at 1:00
or so. 12 hours later, Donna still hadn't dilated any further, even
though she was having regular contractions. (Epidural was put in around
7:00pm) At that point, along with some other vital sign monitoring, Dr.
Cunningham decided that a C-Section was pretty much required. (In fact,
afterwards, we found out that emily was not even down in Donna's pelvis,
but was much higher up, so Donna likely would never have gone into full
labor. Apparently there was something about the shape of Donna's pelvis
that caused this.) C-section was completed around 1:25, baby born at
1:07. Emily scored a 9 and 9 on apgars. Both mom and baby are doing
great. Donna is quite sore, and will be in hospital for next 2-3 days in
room 325.