Summer is here and our grass garden is in full bloom!

Janet and Buck Neulinger   Stamford, Connecticut
Kansas State University Graduates
1970  and  1971

    Members NRHS,   Volunteers at SoNo Switch Tower Museum, South Norwalk, CT.
          The Museum is open for it's second season, doing well. Stop in for a tour and learn about local railroad history and current operations along the busy Northeast Corridor with Metro North, Amtrak, and Providence & Worcester.
          Tower video "Dolly Curtis Interviews" the Sono Switch Tower Museum, is presently showing on public television in this area.

Gardening, our front grass garden with pond. The pond has many fish now, as their habitat must be one they like.
     All the fish survived last winter, where the ice in the pond was at least a foot thick.
Biking along the Mohawk River west of Albany, New York and a photo of Tia Bartos winning a bike race in Seattle, WA. She is a big time biker
Fishing,  for bluefish in the fall of 2003 with Mark Collins of Trus Joist, out in the "race" off of  Fisher's Island/New London
    Tony Calistro's boat is out of his backyard, but fish are a hard to thing to find.
Working with firewood for our Franklin stove
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Architectural Work:
Architectural  Examples

Trip to Death Valley California with our darling daughter in the winter of 2004.
Our trip with Janell to Storm King Art Center and photos of the art.

KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY " BIG 12 Football Champions"